Hacker Factor




care este teribil de interesant..vezi AICI și AICI și AIICI!!

  1. What is FotoForensics?
  2. Who provides this service?
  3. What is the privacy policy?
  4. What information does this site collect and how is it used?
  5. Who should I contact about problems with this site?
  6. Who can use this site? About file submissions
  7. What can I upload for analysis?
  8. Why forbid pornography?
  9. Why did my upload fail?
  10. Why does the picture look different?
  11. Why does the picture look broken?
  12. Who can see the pictures I upload?
  13. How long are pictures kept on the server?
  14. Is this site broken? About copyright
  15. Who owns the copyright?
  16. What about copyright permission?
  17. How can I request content removal?
  18. How can I report offensive content? About analysis
  19. What is Error Level Analysis?
  20. How do I cite ELA?
  21. How do I read the ELA picture?
  22. What does ELA detect?
  23. Why is the picture black?
  24. Why does the ELA picture look different from other ELA systems?
  25. How can I improve the results?
  26. OMG, this picture is totally fake, who do I tell?