Recomandăm folosirea uneltelor de mai jos cu grijă, doar în scopuri educative, de antrenare a capacităților de autoapărare. In niciunfel nu folosiți aceste unelte pentru atac. Hackerul este cel care apără nu cel care atacă. Tocmai de aceea trebuie să cunoască la perfecție armele atacatorilor.

1.Password Cracking Tools:

a) John the ripper-

b) THC hydra-

c) Brutus-

d) L0PhtCrack-

e) SAMInside-

f) Cain and abel-

g) Pwdump-

2.Pentesting Tools:

a) Metasploit framework-

b) Canvas-

3.Sql injector Tools:

a) Sqlihelper

b) Havij

c) SQL Exploiter

4.Website Vulnerability Scanner:

a) Acunetix-

b) Rational appscan-

5.Vulnerability Scanner:

a) Nessus-

b) Retina-

c) Sara-

6.Port Scanner:

a) Nmap-

b) Angry Ip scanner-

c) Super Scan

7.Intrusion detection Tools:

a) Snort-

b) Sguil-

8.Live CDs:

a) Ophcrack-

b) Backtrack-

c) Hiren’s boot cd-

d) Ultimate boot cd-

9.Wireless Tools:

a) Wireshark-

b) Kismet-

c) Aircrack-

d) Netstumbler-

10.Steganography Tools:

a) Steganography Tool –

11.IP Tracing Tools:

a) Neo Trace-

b) Visual Trace-

12.Software Cracking Tools:

a) Debuggers-OllyDbg,WinDbg

b) Unpackers-QUnpack

c) DisAssemblers-WIN32Dasm

d) Decompilers-Boomerang,Mocha,JAD

e) Hex Editors-Hexworkshop,Hview, HxDSetupEN

A list of few „REVERSE ENGINEERING” tools free to Download.

13.Virtual Enviroment Software:

a) Vmware-

b) Virtual box-

c) Sandboxie- – See more at:

14.Download Best Free Hacking EBooks In PDF Format :

    1. Hacking into Computer Systems

    1. Hack your Friend using Backtrack

    1. Hacking Secrets Revealed

    1. White Hat Hacking complete guide to XSS Attacks

    1. Reverse Engineering Hacking and Cracking

    1. Windows 8 Hack

    1. Ubuntu Hacks

    1. Mac Hacks

    1. Machine Learning for Hackers Free

    1. Big Book Of Windows Hack

    1. Hack the System for beginners

    1. Reverse Engineering Hacking and Cracking

    1. Cross Site Scripting and Hacking Websites

    1. Hackers By Steven Levy

    1. Ethical Hacking Complete E-book for Beginners

    1. Hacking Website Database and owning systems

    1. Backtrack : Advance Hacking tutorials

    1. Hackers And Painters By Paul Graham

    1. Hacking Wireless Networks for Dummies

    1. Gray Hat Hacking

    1. Hacking And Securing ios Application

    1. Html5 Hacks

    1. Network Security Hacks 2nd Edition

    1. Bsd Hacks

    1. OWASP Hacking Tutorials and Web App Protection

    1. Cyber Attacks

    1. IT Bill (INDIA)

    1. Hacking attacks and Examples Test

    1. Web Hacking & Penetration testing

    1. 501 Website Hacking Secrets

    1. Black Belt Hacking & Complete Hacking

    1. Black Book of Viruses and Hacking

    1. Gray Hat Hacking and Complete Guide to Hacking

    1. Internet Security Technology and Hacking

    1. Reverse Engineering (The Real Hacking)

    1. Maximum Security: A Hacker’s Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network

    1. Hacking For Dummies

    1. Dangerous Google Hacking Database and Attacks

    1. Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures- Web Applications and Data Servers

    1. CEH(Certified Ethical Hackers)2010v6.

    1. CSRF attack & Defense

    1. Hacking : The art of exploitation

    1. Seven Deadliest Network Attack

    1. Backtrack 4 assuring security by penetration testing.

    1. Botnets The Killer Web Applications Hacking

    1. White Hat Hacking complete guide to XSS Attacks

    1. Pass-the-hash attacks: Tools and Mitigation

    1. Black Book of Viruses and Hacking

  1. Hacker’s High School

  2. Ultimate Guide to Social Engineering attacks


Anonymous – In order to begin pirating, you need to be as anonymous as possible online. Learn more about how to stay safe online here.

Codec – A codec is necessary to play a video format. Download and use VLC Player (it’s free) – I couldn’t play a file with them 3 times in over a decade. If VLC doesn’t have the codec, it’s likely proprietary.

Crack – Software comes with a serial number to unlock it and prove you bought it. A crack is a counterfeit (or stolen/shared) code that can unlock the software.

Deep Web – The deep web is a layer of the internet that’s not accessible through traditional search engines. Rather than depending on web addresses, the Deep Web is accessible through IP addresses and other alternative means. The Deep Web is where you’ll find the evolution of warez.

DRM – Digital Rights Management is anti-piracy security. As piracy evolves, DRM is normally a couple steps behind. These days, the most powerful DRM method involves cloud computing. If you’re going to pirate modern software, it’s vital that you disconnect from the internet prior to installation and program your firewall to block internet connectivity to the program afterward.

Keygen – Short for key generator, a keygen is a program designed to create serial numbers for a variety of software versions. Before running a keygen, ensure your computer is muted – they’re often programmed with intrusively loud music.

Screener – A screener is a DVD-quality copy of a theatrical release, often accompanied by a digital watermark. Screeners are much better quality than Telesync, but are only available to the production staff and critics at major media outlets. Often a screener will come out days to even weeks prior to the theatrical release, allowing critics to have reviews out by opening night and building buzz for the film.

Screeners are most widely available at the end of the year, as award nominations are announced for the SAG and Golden Globe awards.

Proxy – Some sites can’t be accessed from the U.S. Other sites are ONLY available in the U.S. In order to get around such restrictions, you need a proxy server, which routes your web traffic through another node. This makes it appear as though you’re at the geographic location of the proxy, rather than your physical location.

Telesync – A telesync movie is filmed in the theater using a camcorder. This is the lowest quality video and audio, but it’s often the only version available for the first three months after a film’s theatrical release. During this time, various audio and video files are mixed and matched to make the best possible quality and eliminate any syncing issues.

A telesync movie can be identified by TS, CAM, or Telesync in the file name.

Torrent – Torrents are the modern way of pirating, allowing website owners a thin layer of legal protection. Rather than direct downloading of warez, you simply download the torrent. Most torrent sites don’t even directly host the torrents. In the torrent network, the files are hosted on individual hard drives, and you download pieces from each person, never directly downloading a full file from anyone.

Warez – Warez is a general term for pirated software. Before the Gnutella and TOR file-sharing protocols were used, warez sites and forums were the best places to obtain pirated software. Although torrents and streaming are the most efficient methods of software piracy, warez is still used, and the term should be remembered the next time your favorite torrent tracker goes down.